Vitaia, the World Mother, is the first, primordial being to exist on Mythe. Due to her intense loneliness from being the only being in existence, she created from her breath Kaelum, the sky - the second primordial being to exist, and her soon to be husband. However, it is through her doting upon him that resulted in his capricious and selfish personality, taking Vitaia for granted and leading to her creation of multiple consorts to try to assuage her loneliness. It is the violent conflict between Kaelum and her consorts that concluded in Vitaia killing her own husband over the corpses of her consorts bound together by her hair, before submerging beneath the waves, never to be seen again. However, the result of her actions would lead to the formation of the giant continent of Mythe, as well as the birth of the gods and humans from her blood and skin.

Appearance Edit

Vitaia was known for having the upper torso of a human woman, and the lower body of a scaled serpent. Her skin was dark blue, her tail covered in shimmering scales of green. Upon her head were long, lustrous locks that sparkled with all the colours of the rainbow. Her eyes were said to look like the expanses of space itself, being a dark void twinkling with various lights within, much like the stars above. Prior to her final battle against Kaelum, her tail was no longer scaled, having used them all to create her consorts, and her head was bald due to ripping off all of her hair to bind the corpses of her consorts together.

Capabilities Edit

Vitaia, as the World Mother, has the ability to create life from all parts of her body. Whether it being from her breath, scales, skin, or blood, all life on Mythe comes from Vitaia, and all are her children. All of her children seems to possess a genetic memory shared with Vitaia, though this memory does not seem to share Vitaia's emotions or feelings.

Personality Edit

Vitaia, above all else, has an obsessive fear with loneliness, being the first and only creature born on Mythe naturally. It was due to this that she sought to create Kaelum, so that she may have companionship and never be alone again. However, while all her children also seem to have this innate fear, none of them would know true loneliness like her, which would result in some like Kaelum taking it for granted. To her consorts, Vitaia possesses a great love towards them, though even that love could result in unbridled anger when taken too far, as the sky soon found out to the detriment of his life.