A pantheon is what the gods call a group of gods with one leader, usually designated as the High God of the Pantheon, and all the other gods either directly subservient to the High God, or a vassal underneath another god who is. The first pantheon was the one formed by Anlil after defeating Nammuras and forcing her obedience during the Age of Blood. When a god pledges their obedience to another, the latter gains the power of their new vassal, and all those underneath that vassal. This means the High Gods of the Pantheons are by far the strongest and most powerful gods in existence. Most, if not all of the remaining gods have pledged themselves to a pantheon, with each one presiding over one of the modern nations of the world. As all gods have retreated into the Godrealm, they have to rely on their human subjects, mythical servants, as well as demigods to wage war upon fellow pantheons to either subjugate or exterminate them should it be too difficult.