Kaine is a god, the twin of Abelle, being nearly identical in physical appearance. Kaine fell in love with a nameless and forgotten suitor, the two being in a happy relationship until Abelle, driven by jealousy for her twin, tricked and seduced Kaine's suitor. Kaine returned to find her suitor in the arms of her sister, and rage consumed her and she struck down her twin in fury - an action that would have grave repercussions as the impetus for the Age of Blood.

Appearance Edit

Kaine, and her twin Abelle, were known as two of the fairest and most desirable gods. They were said to resemble human women in appearance, though Kaine was dark of hair as opposed to Abelle's fair locks. Kaine was also known to have her hair cropped shortly as opposed to her sister's longer hairstyle.

Capabilities Edit

Kaine had the power to grow crops and harvest, speeding up the growth rate of agriculture.

Personality Edit

Kaine was said to have be taciturn and reticent, lacking little charisma compared to her twin. However, she still found love, and no doubt had a softer side unseen by failed suitors.