A god is a being that was formed out of Vitaia's blood scattered across the continents of Mythe during her final struggle with Kaelum, the sky. Unlike humans, a god has power far beyond that of any individual human, capable of great feats that are unmatched by mortals.

Appearance Edit

Gods vary vastly in appearance. While most seem to resemble humans, there are just as many that have half-human forms, or eschew any similarities to humans at all. That and the fact gods have at least a minor capacity to shapeshift (such as changing one's size), it would be impossible to describe them all.

Capabilities Edit

Many gods have their own specialized power, whether it is something like Kaelum of control of the skies, or if its manipulation of earth, or even stranger abilities like full body shapeshifting or clairvoyance. There is no limit to powers amongst the gods, for there are many gods which hold power over the storm, or water, or earth, some with all three at the same time.

However, all gods do possess the same immortality. They do not age, nor do they suffer sickness or illness. The only way to kill a god is through violent measures. They all also possess rudimentary shapeshifting, being able to expand or shrink in size, though not infinitely. All gods are stronger, faster and possess more stamina than humans by leaps and bounds.

They, like the initial humans, all possess a genetic memory of their mother Vitaia and her role in the creation of the world, and were formed fully grown. All gods seem to draw their power from the same resource pool, as with every death of a god would result in all the remaining ones become stronger. However, a similar effect also seems to come into play when one god chooses to serve under another, with the added bonus of empowering the head of this pantheon with the strength of all their subordinates.