A god, Anlil has the distinction of being the first god to spare a rival god after a battle, therefore discovering the power of creating a pantheon. While he was the first to form a pantheon and began to gather many under his banner. He was the patron god of Shumer, until he was eventually defeated and forced to submit to the god Martuk in the Babili pantheon, with Shumer being absorbed into the Babili empire.

Appearance Edit

Anlil is said to be a humanoid god, and upon his crown laid a tiara. He had a long beard, clad in a modest robe, and a pair of large, feathered wings sprouting out of his back. His weapon is a talking, enchanted mace.

Capabilities Edit

Anlil was one of many gods who would inherit his powers from Kaelum, the sky. Wielding power over the rain, Anlil was capable of creating floods that could sweep away those before him. His mace would often counsel Anlil during battle or to warn him of ambushes. Another ability of Anlil was to create soldiers that reflect the stars themselves, seeming to be created from constellations as they brandish weapons that glitter and gleam like the night sky.

Personality Edit

The first god to show mercy for kin (albeit in exchange of servitude), Anlil is less of a warmonger than his kin. However, to mistake that mercy for weakness would be a grave mistake, as Anlil has mercurial temper swings, such as once where he created enslaved a tribe of humans to wage war in his name. However, they made so much noise, Anlil instead summoned a flood to wipe them out himself. All but one perished, who was then given the favour of Anlil after his mood subsided - the survivor was placed in the vanguard at the next battle, leading the charge as he then died gloriously in the name of Anlil.