Abelle is a god, the twin of Kaine, who is almost exactly alike in appearance. Abelle was vastly more charismatic than her twin, bringing in the suitors by droves, and having many gods willing to act on her beck and call. However, Kaine was able to find happiness in a relationship with a nameless suitor, which Abelle couldn't with any of her suitors. Driven by jealousy, Abelle would disguise herself as Kaine, dying her hair so that she could seduce her twin's suitor for herself. When Kaine found out, the god would strike down her twin in furious rage - and usher in the calamitous time known as the Age of Blood.

Appearance Edit

Abelle, and her twin Kaine, were known as two of the fairest and most desirable gods. They were said to resemble human women in appearance, Abelle possessing long, flowing locks of gold, in direct contrast to her sister's shortly kept raven black hair.

Capabilities Edit

Abelle had the ability to calm and soothe livestock, allowing easy domestication as well as quick and painless slaughtering.

Personality Edit

Abelle had a vibrant and bright personality, full of wit, charm, and enough coyness to cause countless suitors to fall for her after only a few moments together. However, under this veneer of charm, was a bitterly jealous heart that would lead to her death.